News About New Media News You Can Use


A few quick notes regarding the world of news distribution via internet. And we won’t mention Google News or the iPhone even once. Promise.

  • The CUNY Graduate School of Journalism is holding a “New Business Models for News” conference in May.

  • Another product of the CUNY J-School, the Legal Risk Module, just launched in collaboration with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and the Knight Citizen News Network. It’s a NEWSPAPER LEGAL LIABILITY SIMULATOR. Awesome!

  • Ex-Wall Street Journal managing editor and current ProPublica EIC Paul Steiger gave us a So What Do You Do? interview back at the mothership.

  • Online magazine aggregator Brijit (which you should really check out, by the way) has just launched a Facebook “virtual assignment desk” widget that allows site members to write abstracts of mag articles for cash… via Fbook.

  • The Guardian and Reuters have entered into a marketing agreement where Reuters will market Guardian ad space in the Unied States for the UK-based paper. Synergytastic.

    (Image via Poynter)