Newport News Daily Press Asks For 15% Staff Cutback

A Tribune Co. owned Virginia paper is planning to outsource the editing and designing of much of its content to the Chicago Tribune, resulting in a 15 percent reduction in newsroom staff.

The Tribune reports that the Newport News Daily Press, starting today, will receive whole pages—pre-edited, formatted, and laid out—from the Tribune Co.’s flagship paper. In some cases, even local Newport News content will be edited and laid out in Chicago.

“This allows us to save some money on personnel … without impacting the reporters, columnists, photographers who are out generating uniquely local content,” said Digby Solomon, president of the Daily Press. He estimates that the newsroom staff will be reduced by 15 percent after cutting the layout and editing personnel who have become redundant.

The Chicago Tribune editor in charge of the consolidation, Gerould Kern, told the Tribune that the Daily Press asked for this in order to lower costs.

Rock and a hard place, people.