Butch Cassidy and the Millennial Kids

A new outreach and slogan for Newman's Own.

One of the classiest guys to ever walk the planet, Paul Newman passed away Sept. 26, 2008, leaving behind a towering legacy of film, race track achievements and philanthropy. However, as a piece by New York Times contributor Zach Schonbrun explains, there’s a generational gap at work now in the grocery aisle where Newman’s Own popcorn, salad dressings and pasta sauces are sold. For example, a recent survey found that only 12 percent of millennials know that all profits from these products are donated to charity.

“Paul Newman Who?” the article headline begins. In recognition of the fact that many millennials are not familiar with the actor’s charity, which has donated now just under $500 million, a new marketing campaign is afoot:

Newman’s Own worked with the production company the Narrative Content Group, which is based in Atlanta, to produce videos that highlight a few of the 600 charities the company works with each year. Three of the videos were released Monday on social media platforms; the rest will be circulated in 2017.

Newman’s Own is also rewording and repositioning the “All Profits to Charity” banner that typically frames Mr. Newman’s face. The new label, which is expected to start appearing in stores in December, will be more prominently located on the products. The wording has also changed to “100 Percent to Charity,” which Newman’s Own feels is a slight but significant clarification to consumers.

Some of Narrative Content Group’s other clients include AT&T, Delta and Dunkin’ Donuts.

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