Newly Leaked iPhone 5 Faceplate

Another day, another leaked Apple product.

Late last week, I posted what looked like a prototype iPhone 5, but new leaks today are casting it into doubt. A Chinese gadget blog is claiming to have found new photos of the faceplate for the iPhone 5. As you can see from the images at right, there are both black and white versions, and most importantly, this particular leak has the camera centered over the speaker.

That would tend to disprove last week’s prototype, but to be honest I don’t see a sign of a camera on that unit at all. But today’s leak does tend to agree with other past leaks like the one from 9to5Mac. That one looks quite similar to the faceplates above.

Then again, folks, I think we might want to take these rumors with a grain of salt. I’m enjoying writing about them, and there’s always the chance that someone else enjoyed making them up.