Newly Launched BookRiot Seeks ‘Creator Of Awesomeness’

PaidContent tipped us off to a new site that targets people between the ages of 18-34 who read books. (They still exist!)

It’s not about the business of books—instead, it’s meant to help hip readers figure out what to read next and to discuss their favorite works of literature.

“We want it to be a Jezebel, TechCrunch, Valleywag type of site,” newly hired executive editor Bethanne Patrick told PaidContent.

The best part? They’re hiring.

Position one: a “Creator of Awesomeness” (aka staff writer).

We’re looking for someone to write for Book Riot full-time, posting 3-4 times per day on a variety of book-related topics. To do this job well, you not only need to be a voracious reader, but a wide-ranging one; we want someone who can write about more than just a couple of genres. A working knowledge of WordPress, Photoshop, and social media platforms (Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, etc) are also important to us. Our ideal candidate will already have an active blog that, at least part-time, is bookish.

To apply, send email to bookriot (at) bookriot (dot) com. Put the job title in the subject line. Include your LinkedIn profile or resume, and URL for your bookish blog.

We will contact you if we are interested in speaking further.

You can also apply to be BookRiot’s “Riot Emcee” (aka community manager), but a big Klout score isn’t going to be the only qualification here. To do this job right, the ad says, “you should be able to answer at least a $300 Jeopardy question about literature.” So brush up on your reading and apply for either of these jobs here.