Newly Appointed Bloomberg View Editors To Work Outside Company Headquarters

David Shipley and James P. Rubin were named executive editors of The Bloomberg View less than a month ago and already they are moving offices.’s Jeff Bercovici writes today that the two new hires will be splitting time between Bloomberg LP’s main offices on Lexington Avenue and the Bloomberg Family Foundation located on Madison Avenue and 78th Street.  According to a Bloomberg spokesperson, the move is simply the result of space limitations in the Lexington Avenue newsroom, however a pair of insiders say this measure was taken to avoid the conflict-of-interest restraints that separate Mayor Bloomberg from closely managing the company.

His interaction with the company is so highly regulated.  This enables Mike to meet with them, talk to them, have influence over what they write.

Bloomberg has toyed around in this legal gray area before  — most notably when he irked local government officials by appointing his former deputy mayor Patricia Harris CEO of his charity.  Although Bloomberg owns the office, his company would likely have to pay rent to the Family Foundation once the editors begin to work out of their space.