Newest Playboy Has Hugh Hefner’s Ex-Fiancee On Cover as ‘Mrs. Hefner’

Well this is just unfortunate. The July issue of Playboy features Crystal Harris, Hugh Hefner’s fiancee up until yesterday, listed as “Mrs. Crystal Hefner.”

If you’re not up on your Hef Gossip, and shame on you if you aren’t, Harris abruptly called off their wedding just five days before she was set to marry Hefner.

Hefner tweeted that the wedding was off, then sent a few follow-up tweets that actually made us feel kind of bad for the guy. As he noted, she dumped him the same day her single (of course she sings!) was released on iTunes, which just seems like a little bit too much of a coincidence.

But hey, she is 25 years old and he is 85. Something tells us this marriage might not have lasted anyway.