Creators’ Guide To The New YouTube – Channel Design & Layout

To help you get acquainted with the new YouTube we’ve decided to launch a new series of posts—the Creators’ Guide To The New YouTube. In this first installment, we’ll cover the ins and outs of the new YouTube channel design and layout.

At the beginning of the month, YouTube launched a new homepage and upgraded their site design, revamping their analytics, channel design, video manager and more.  To help you get acquainted with the new YouTube we’ve decided to launch a new series of posts—the Creators’ Guide To The New YouTube.  We’ll cover the ins and outs of the new site design, starting with the new YouTube channel design and layout.

If you haven’t visited your YouTube channel since the redesign then you’re in for a surprise.  Not only can you now post links in the sidebar of your channel, but YouTube is also now offering a series of layout templates, a new Feed and more.  Not sure where to get started?  Not to worry.  We’ll take you through all the steps of getting your new YouTube channel set up.

Featured Video

One of the first things you may notice when you visit your channel is that the featured video has been removed.  A little annoying, maybe, but it’s no biggie.  To add a featured video to your channel, just click on ‘Add a featured video.’  This will open up a widget that allows you to select the video that you’d like to feature.

Using the dropdown menu you can click to choose a specific video, or choose a playlist and check the ‘Most Recent Video in Featured Set’ box to feature the most recent video uploaded to a specific set.  Selecting ‘Uploaded Videos’ from the dropdown menu and then checking the ‘Most Recent Video in Featured Set’ box will ensure that the most recently uploaded video will always be featured on your channel.

You can check on the box to ‘Automatically start playing the video once the channel loads’ if you’d like that, but I wouldn’t recommend it.  Though it may increase the number of views you get on your video, I find that a good portion of viewers find auto-play annoying on a channel.  But again, that’s really your decision.

If your channel is enabled for advertising, you can also check the box to ‘Prevent ads from showing in my videos on this page.’  Also your decision, keeping in mind that having ads on your main channel page could take away from the way you showcase your own brand.

Links & Info

Once you’ve set the featured video on your channel (if this is something that you’ve decided to do) it’s time to input all of your links and general information–the ‘About’ sections, your hometown, age, interests, and any other information you’d like to include, along with links to your social media profiles, websites or blogs.

To start editing this info, click the ‘Edit’ button next to the ‘About [your] channel’ heading on the top right of your channel (note: this is different from the ‘Edit Channel’ button on the very top right corner).  Fill in a short description of your channel in the ‘About [your] channel’ field and then scroll down and fill our any of the other fields with information that you want to share.  You can fill in more in the ‘About this user’ section (which has a new character limit of 200 characters, so you may have to shorten it if you previously had a longer chunk of text there), Hometown, Country, Occupation, Companies, Schools and Interests.  You can click ‘Hide/Show’ to hide these fields or show them on your channel.

When you are writing the ‘About’ sections, keep in mind the various search terms that viewers that would be interested in your channel may be searching for.  Try to use these in your descriptions in order to increase the odds of your channel showing up in search results.  For more on this, check out our post on How To Skyrocket Your Video Views With YouTube Metadata.