New York’s Peace and Quiet Calms Gehry Down


The New York Times has a nice piece up about Frank Gehry‘s new InterActiveCorp headquarters in New York. There are stories about Gehry and his buildings all the time, certainly, but this one’s of interest because it talks about how “tame” the structure is in comparison to his other work and then goes on to discuss why that is. Here’s some:

Yet the building, which is not quite complete, also feels oddly tame. For those who have followed Gehry’s creative career, these easy, fluid forms are a marked departure from the complex, fragmented structures of his youth. Rather than mining rich new creative territory, Toronto-born Gehry, who is also behind the ongoing redevelopment of the Art Gallery of Ontario, seems to be holding back.

The results — almost pristine by Gehry’s standards — suggest the casual confidence of an aging virtuoso rather than the brash innovation of a rowdy outsider.