New York‘s Odd James Franco Profile (with Accompanying Synopsis)

We regularly enjoy New York‘s lengthy stories, particularly their profiles on the interesting and/or famous. And as editors of a site who have written a piece or two about the recent phenomenon of actor James Franco-turned-artist, we were jazzed to read the cover story about him in their latest issue. And while a captivating, though perhaps too lengthy a read, the piece at times gets a little bizarre, particularly when its writer, Sam Anderson, inserts himself into the story. Granted, it’s a first-person profile sort of thing, so he’s supposed to do that, but when Anderson goes on about how crazy it is that Franco wants to continue talking to him while he uses the restroom to the writer suddenly losing his access to the actor/artist, it gets weird. What’s more, it’s difficult to tell whose weirdness it is, Franco’s or Anderson’s. Fortunately, we have ArtInfo‘s Emma Allen, who breaks down the nearly 6,500 words in the piece into this easily digestible, two-page chunk. Although it doesn’t clear up any of the strange, it should serve nicely as a CliffsNotes-esque companion for after you read the original and are likely left more than a bit bewildered.