New Yorker‘s Masthead Revealed — “the only website dedicated to magazine mastheads” — has itself somewhat of a coup: The New Yorker‘s. Editor David Remnick‘s award-winning yet meticulously gate-kept masthead — never printed in the magazine — has been added to the site’s growing collection.

UPDATE: An e-mailer writes: “Mr. Tom Scocca from the New York Observer assembled a masthead no less comprehensive last April. It may not be online now, but a “coup” this is not. I would add that Mr. Scocca, unlike masthead, used the shift key.”

The New Yorker masthead [via Jossip]:

louis cona
vp & publisher

michael hess
associate publisher

dorothy wickenden
executive editor

david remnick

jacob lewis
managing editor

henry finder
editorial director

pamela maffei mccarthy
deputy editor

roger angell
senior editor

jeffrey frank
senior editor

john bennet
senior editor

virginia cannon
senior editor

hendrik hertzberg
senior editor

emily eakin
senior editor

andrea thompson
editorial assistant

john cassidy
business writer

james surowiecki
finance columnist

john cassidy
economics writer

ken auletta
media industry news columnist

ben greenman
calendar & events editor

leo carey, henry finder
books editors

calvin tomkins
visual arts critic

peter schjeldahl
a&e critic

alex ross
classical music critic

sasha frere-jones
pop music critic

joan acocella
dance critic

david denby
film critic

john lahr
theatre critic

daniel zalewski
senior editor (features)

nick paumgarten
editor (features)

deborah treisman
fiction editor

susan morrison
fashion director & articles editor (features)

jeffrey toobin
legal/legislation writer

nancy franklin
tv critic

malcolm gladwell
science writer

other staff writers:
betsy kolbert, bill buford, michael specter,
william finnegan, jeffrey goldberg, ian parker,
susan orlean, hilton als, rebecca mead, john seabrook,
adam gopnik, mark singer, ben mcgrath, katherine boo,
caitlin flanagan, tad friend, seymour hersh, peter boyer,
louis menand, jane meyer, margot talbot, larissa macfarquhar,
elsa walsh, steve coll

elisabeth biondi
photography editor

caroline mailhot
art director

bob mankoff
cartoons editor

marie wolpert
ad sales director

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New York, NY 10036
main line: 212-286-2860
fax: 212-286-5735

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