New Yorkers: Learn How To Start Your Own Media Business – Now With 25% Off!

Now’s a fantastic time to launch a business, believe it or not. Do you have a million dollar idea that won’t leave you alone? Do you have a talent that could serve many more folks than your current stable of vendors? Are you sick of living an Office Space life? If so, it just might be time to sign up for next week’s How To Start Your Own Media Business class in NYC.
You’ll learn from Duy Linh Tu, co-founder and the creative director of Resolution Seven, a video and Web production studio:
* Who should start their own business and why
* The challenges of working for yourself
* Setting up the company: finding office space, finding a lawyer, getting an accountant and business bank account, learning business software
* Making your company seem and feel real — to others and to yourself
* Dealing with contracts
* The mental and emotional challenges of working for yourself

Learn more or sign up for the class here. But don’t register without our discount code: JOBBLOG25 – for a 25% discount! Don’t say we never did nothin for ya.