New Yorker Launches New Blog with Huge Pictures

If you love politics but are teetering on edge of legal blindness, the New Yorker has created a new blog for you: The Political Scene.

The blog just launched Monday and functions like a guide to the 2012 presidential election. It has brief analysis of all the Republican candidates, photo galleries and medium-length thought pieces on the primary process from the magazine’s esteemed writers, such as Jeffrey Toobin, Ryan Lizza and Jane Mayer.

There’s a lot of content but it’s got a few setbacks. First, the graphics appear to have been captured using IMAX technology. They’re massive. Of course, gigantic graphics lead to choppy display. Second, a banner with feature stories drops down and covers more than half the screen if you hover your cursor above a certain point. Lastly, scrolling itself is an odd experience. Navigation bars on the left and top of the screen remain stationary as you move up or down, but chunks of the screen run into each other then overlap to display the previous or following story. Readers may experience brief vertigo while browsing.

We’re not huge fans of the layout, but it’s a decent blog. Designers should simply keep in mind that not everyone is running on a double-screen multiprocessor computer system.