New Yorker Cartoonist Wishes He Could Redraw That David Lynch One

The interview was done some time ago; the illustration, many years before that. Still, we thought it was worth pointing you to this week’s share by British GQ of a conversation between editor Andy Morris and Brooklyn-based New Yorker cartoonist Adrian Tomine.

There’s some funny stuff from Tomine about the personal challenges of attending New Yorker office parties. The cartoonist also admitted that not being able to always to see the cultural artifacts he comments on can have its drawbacks:

“I’m a huge fan of Mulholland Drive, and I think if I’d had a chance to see the film before doing the illustration, I would’ve drawn something different. I’ve been surprised when some of the people I drew have contacted me about purchasing the artwork.”

We were intrigued to find out a bit more, so we contacted Tomine. Here’s what he kindly told FishbowlNY via email. “It feels a little odd to be commenting about an illustration that was drawn twelve years ago!” he writes. “I think if I had been able to see Lynch’s film before creating that illustration, I might have done a better job of emulating the film’s beautiful atmosphere and compositions.”

“I’d like to think I could have captured the actresses’ likenesses better, too. I often have this kind of self-criticism in hindsight, but it naturally stings a bit more when I end up loving the source material so much.”

The illustration ran with an October 2001 review by Anthony Lane of the David Lynch movie. To peruse some of Tomine’s other work, click here.

[Illustration used with artist’s permission]