New York, Where No News is Local

Apparently New York is the least interesting place on the planet! Or at least the least newsworthy. Maybe if we had a Main Street we’d warrant more coverage. You will recall that earlier this week the NYT pulled its stand-alone metro section, and today’s Times is reporting that there is currently a mass newsprint exodus taking place in Albany (lord knows nothing ever happens up there!). Per the Times:

The Staten Island Advance, The Post-Standard of Syracuse, The Daily Gazette of Schenectady, and The Times Herald-Record of Middletown have all removed their statehouse correspondents from the Capitol since the beginning of 2007.

No one will be surprised to hear this is all due to budget cuts. And the outcome (other than to read Elizabeth Benjamin more religiously)?

Well the already sometimes questionable behavior of the politicians and the special interest groups will be under even less scrutiny than before. Also, less drinking.

Through much of the 1980s, the organization still had the feel of a stodgy gentleman’s club. Nightly poker games with legislative staffers and lobbyists were a revered tradition, as was “the library,” a metal cart of liquor that was wheeled out every afternoon.

Today the liquor cart is gone. The poker table still sits on the second level of the association’s office space — a balcony known as “the shelf” that looks down on the main press room floor — but it is covered by a piece of particleboard stained with coffee mug rings.