New York Times to Partner with USC on Adult Education Endeavor

Very interesting. The New York Times just announced they are launching a partnership with the University of Southern California to teach adult continuing education programs. USC professors will teach classes online via an NYT educational Web platform.

Inside Higher Ed has the story:

The company is pursuing partnerships that might soon have it stamping its seal on diplomas, Nudelman says. “We intend to grow in that market,” she says. “With USC, we are excited with this first step because we are excited about the potential for further depth and collaboration.”

The Times Company, which has seen its annual revenues fall by about 30 percent in the last five years, has waded into the waters of higher education more deliberately than some of its peers — most notably the Washington Post Company, which now pays for its journalism operations largely off the back of Kaplan Inc., one of the country’s largest degree-granting enterprises.

Here’s hoping the NYT doesn’t go the way of the Washington Post and Kaplan and rip its students off–as has been widely alleged. We trust that in partnering with a leading university like USC that isn’t the intent. Classes at the NYT startup will cost between $195 and $275, unlike the tens of thousands students often pay to get degrees at Kaplan.

H/T Romenesko