New York Times to Distribute ‘Book Review’ on E-Readers

Soon, all catfights between the likes of Malcolm Gladwell and Steven Pinker will be available for instant download onto the Sony Readers, Amazon Kindles, and Barnes & Noble Nooks the world over.

Citing remarks by New York Times marketing director James Dunn, Poynter’s Damon Kiesow reports that The New York Times will be offering its “Book Review” section as a distinct product. The Sony Reader will be the first device to distribute the “Book Review.”

Pricing is unclear for the moment, but Kiesow points out that the Kindle edition of The New York Times costs $13.99 a month — without crosswords!

Perhaps the Times is trying to unbundle its products, so each distinct section of the paper reaches its target audience. “Book Review” goes to the tweed-jacket, pipe-smoking crowd; “Sports” goes to almost no one; the news section goes to everyone who already subscribes; etc.

(h/t The Guardian)