New York Times Company Looking for Bunch of Bay Area Hires

When you think of the New York Times media empire, the Sonoma County seat of Santa Rosa, California is not usually the first place that comes to mind.

But today, in’s very own job listings, there are—count ’em–eight different open positions being advertised in connection with NYT properties located in Natalie Wood’s hometown. One is that of a weekly newspaper reporter with the North Bay Journal, while the other seven opportunities are all at the venerable Press Democrat. The 114-year-old daily has most definitely embraced the 21st century; among its current needs are an SEO/SEM Specialist and an SMO Specialist:

SMO Specialist duties include: ensuring all social media strategies and initiatives are in line with overall client marketing plan/objectives; contribute to social media collateral; stay current with all social media industry developments and best practices.

If Hollywood ever dares to remake His Girl Friday a second time, looks like they will need to add lines of dialogue such as, “Find that SMO smart ass… Now!”