New York Times Paywall Enters ‘Active Development Mode’

During yesterday’s second-quarter earnings conference call, New York Times Co. CEO Janet Robinson offered a tiny bit of color about the Grey Lady’s plan to launch a paywall in early 2011.
In comments transcribed by paidContent, Robinson said, “We have transitioned from the requirements phase into active development mode, building the systems and infrastructure to support the commerce, customer service and production requirements of our cross-platform strategy.”
Robinson also discussed the Times website’s incorporation of into its politics section and the expansion of the DealBook blog. We’d heard about both of these developments already.
Other highlights:
• The Times iPhone app has netted 4.5 million downloads.
• The paper will continue to expand its local offerings in markets beyond Chicago and San Francisco.
• On The Wall Street Journal‘s “Greater New York”: “We had no expectations about what they were doing. We simply continue to have high expectations for what we do.”