Media React to NYT Op-Ed Urging Legalization of Marijuana

In the marijuana world, today’s date could become a three-digit rallying cry almost as seminal as the San Rafael, California-coined slang “420.”


For it is in the 7-27 Sunday print edition that the New York Times editorial board has officially come out in favor of the nationwide legalization of marijuana:

In coming days, we will publish articles by members of the editorial board and supplementary material that will examine these questions. We invite readers to offer their ideas, and we will report back on their responses, pro and con.

We recognize that this Congress is as unlikely to take action on marijuana as it has been on other big issues. But it is long past time to repeal this version of Prohibition.

Editorial page director Andrew Rosenthal appeared today on ABC’s This Week to discuss the “Repeal Prohibition, Again” pronouncement. Meanwhile, Rosa Prince, New York correspondent for UK’s Telegraph, frames the editorial as follows for her overseas readers:

As one of the most authoritative media outlets in the U.S., the New York Times’ support for the legalization of marijuana will be a huge boost to campaigners.

For good measure, the Times has thrown in a pun that will get a giggle out of all legal and illegal users. The permalink for the op-ed reads /high-time-marijuana-legalization, and the full series of articles will be culled at There’s also this:


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