A New York Times Magazine Exhibit Opens in Tennessee

Beginning today at Chattanooga’s Hunter Museum of American Art, visitors will have the chance to enjoy “The New York Times Magazine Photographs.” Running through March 22, the exhibit was curated by magazine photo editor Kathy Ryan and organized with help from New York’s Aperture Foundation.


From the exhibit notes:

Focusing primarily on the last fifteen years, Ryan provides a behind-the-scenes look at the collaborative, creative processes that have made this magazine the leading venue for photographic storytelling within contemporary news media.

Using visual materials drawn from different stages of the commissioning process — storyboards, shot lists, work prints and contact sheets, videos, tear sheets and framed prints — the magazine’s collaborative methodology is revealed from initial idea to the published page, and, in some cases, continues beyond magazine publication, when a subject that begun as an assignment has become a part of a photographer’s ongoing work.

Among the thirty-five showcased artists are Sebastião Salgado (Kuwaiti oil fields), Ryan McGinley (sports photography) and Jeff Koons (fashion). The first issue of the New York Times Magazine was published September 6, 1896.