NYT Mag Cover Fails Basic Geography

A goof on that goofy-looking globe reverberates across New Mexico.

To the slap heard across Newfoundland, you can add some further New-area befuddlement over the relaunched New York Times Magazine. In this case, we’re talking New Mexico.

As we previously reported, the redesigned publication went this past weekend with four different covers to herald its long-in-the-works redesign. Unfortunately, per a report in the Albuquerque Journal by Jackie Jadrnak, one of those four covers has a Houston-worthy problem:

You would think NEW York would know better.

But for sure NEW Mexicans have a good eye for detail.

The state Tourism Department is crying foul over a globe shown on the cover of the New York Times Magazine that, if you looked really closely, labelled the area between Arizona and Texas simply as “Mexico.” Comments on the department’s Facebook page were pretty entertaining, according to a news release.

Jadrnak notes that the globe as a whole is not reflective of a full world map. Still, through the portal of the Tourism Department’s Twitter feed, folks in the Southwest are having fun with this. Click over to her Journal item for a close-up view of the Old Mexico cartography.

Update (March 3):
The New York Times has released the following statement:

The cover image was actually a photograph commissioned by the New York Times Magazine to the Italian artists Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari. The globe that was photographed was a prop that mislabeled “New Mexico” as “Mexico.” This was an unfortunate error, which we regret.