New York Times Looks To Blogs For Cuts

New York Times executive editor Bill Keller said recently that as part of the 100 newsroom job cuts announced earlier this year, the company will be looking for blogs to cut.

“Many of our blogs serve a valuable journalistic purpose,” Mr. Keller said in an address to staff last month. “Many draw a lot of traffic to the Web site.”

Yet …

“If we find instances where a blog or a vertical is consuming considerable effort and expense with little reward, we’re prepared to do some pruning,” Mr. Keller told the newsroom, the NY Observer reports.

We don’t know why you’d take resources away from online, in the year 2009, but that’s the report.

The last day for NYT staffers to sign up for the voluntary buyout is December 7. After that, layoffs could come as soon as Dec. 17.

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