New York Times Launches First Full Mobile Site Redesign Since 2006

Touch-screens everywhere rejoice

Until recently, the New York Times mobile site was exactly the same as it was when it launched in 2006, back when touch-screens were a rarity, the Motorola Razr was a high-tech device, and the iPhone had yet to enter our common consciousness. But today, that finally changed when the Times debuted its first full redesign of

A few initial changes were made to the site in late April: the design was cleaned up, load times improved, and some touch-screen optimizations introduced. Today’s big revamp also includes layout updates and features like article-to-article and section-to-section swiping, commenting capability, prompts for iPhone users to view Times content on its mobile site, and the ability to save articles across platforms. The site’s advertising components will now include full-screen interstitial units.

Later this year, the Times is also expected to roll out a full redesign of its desktop site. The prototype version, which was released last March for Times employees and select users, features a responsive design, non-paginated articles, and media units that will be integrated into articles rather than placed in thumbnails on the site. According to Mashable, the Times had yet to decide whether to optimize the responsive site for smartphone-sized screens in addition to desktop and tablets.