New York Times is Going to be Modern

This is important turning point for online media and media in general because New York Times decided to let users to share news on three online social news sites – Digg, Facebook and Newsvine.


It is a great sign for online media because they isn’t no longer in “beta version” and are full-scale participant in online media business. Choosing Digg, Facebook and Newsvine NY Times cover an audience of three different social news sharing sites because the idea and direction of them is completely different. Of course there should be an increase of traffic in bouth direction too. NY Times now have about 10 million unique visitors per month and Digg, Facebook, Newswine – 1,6M, 15M and 0,56M accordingly. I think that this is just logic step from NY Times because you can’t ignore such a big trend what now have social news and, if the “old” media refuse to understand that, it may cause problems in future.

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