New York Times Finally Finds a Successor to David Carr

His name is Jim Rutenberg.

JimRutenbergPicHuffington Post senior media reporer Michael Calderone is first to this week’s biggest media story not named Sean Penn. The announcement of David Carr’s successor.

Per the memo from NYT executive editor Dean Baquet and business editor Dean Murphy, sliding over into the most prominent and long vacant U.S. media critic opening is Jim Rutenberg, chief political correspondent for New York Times Magazine. From Calderone’s dispatch:

In the memo, Baquet and Murphy write that Rutenberg – a former media reporter for The Times and the New York Observer – is “returning to his media roots.” They recalled his past reporting on the emergence of Fox News and Dan Rather’s retracted 60 Minutes report on George W. Bush’s service in the Texas Air National Guard. More recently, Rutenberg wrote a Times Magazine cover story on Fox News star Megyn Kelly.

Calderone has been on top of this story from Day and Page One, mentioning Rutenberg in his earlier coverage last fall. Via his dispatch today, read the memo.

Rutenberg is fielding a flood of hearty congratulations at the Twitter end. To which we will modestly add our own: Great choice!

Update (Jan. 13):
Times public editor Margaret Sullivan has acknowledged Rutenberg’s shift to the media beat. Among her observations:

Speaking of reporting chops, Michael Calderone of The Huffington Post, mentioned last November that Mr. Rutenberg was a possible candidate. To my knowledge, he was the first (and perhaps the only) one to report that.

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