New York Times Business Editor Lashes Back at Public Editor

Everyone loves a good drama, right? Well here’s one to start your week off with. Yesterday, The New York Times’ Public Editor, Arthur Brisbane, attacked the paper’s Business section and DealBook for not including enough information for the general public. Instead, Brisbane wrote, the section functions like a tabloid and gives way too much credence to our economy, which isn’t exactly powerful anymore.

As you can imagine, this stung the Times’ Business Editor, Lawrence Ingrassia. Romenesko intercepted a letter that Ingrassia fired off to staffers in which Ingrassia says, “For the first time, I felt that a public editor column was so absurd and so poorly reasoned that I felt compelled to write a response.” Alright! Fighting words, right?

Ingrassia then follows the note to staffers with his letter to Brisbane. He begins the latter with, “Your column left me wondering how closely you read the Times – or at least our financial coverage. There is far more financial news, of all kinds, than ever before. Not less, as your column strangely asks.”

Head over to Romenesko for the entire memo. We’ll let you know who wins the inevitable thumb wrestling match.