Clubbed by NYT, Bridge Columnist No Longer Has Any Need to Heart Print Edition

The 80-year-run of Albert H. Morehead, Alan Truscott and Phillip Alder is coming to an end.

Phillip Alder wants to be clear. His plans to cancel his subscription to the New York Times print edition, after his final bridge column runs this weekend, is not a retaliatory move. Rather, as he explains to The Observer’s Matthew Kassel, it’s a matter of practicality:

“I needed the subscription because I wanted to get clippings of my columns,” Mr. Alder said. “I get most of my news information from TV.”

On the other hand, friends and supporters of the British-born Alder, who has been writing the Bridge column for ten years, very much want people like us to know that their NYT cancellations are retaliatory. Whether they all carry through as they are threatening at press time is another matter.

A wise man once said that the three greatest games ever invented are chess, bridge and poker. With the NYT chess column checkmated in 2014 and the bridge column about to suffer the equivalent of a Deschappelles coup, all that’s logically left perhaps is for  a certain Arthur, at a future poker game, to wager what’s left at that point of the Times.
[Photo: Rafal Fabrykiewicz/]