New York Times’ Andrew Sorkin Sells Movie Rights For Too Big To Fail

New York Times reporter Andrew Sorkin will finally see his book on the recent financial crisis play out on screen.

HBO has bought the rights to Too Big To Fail and is moving forward with the project despite the fact that two of Sorkin’s colleagues and proposed co-writers, fellow New York Times writer Joe Nocera and Vanity Fair writer Bethany McLean, failed to turn in their respective manuscripts on time. The two had been working together on another, related book that HBO had hoped to fold into the movie. Sorkin’s book, about the 2008 financial crisis, focuses on key players at Lehman Brothers and Morgan Stanley.

Sorkin promises that the HBO movie will be hard-hitting, informative and coated with bile: “You see Hank Paulsen literally vomiting and Dick Fuld crying with his wife as their world fell apart.”

HBO has yet to announce when the movie will air or who is being cast.