New York Times A Couple of Years Late Reporting On the LA Times’ Struggles

The New York Times ran an extremely belated piece today on the struggles at the LA Times. Thanks to the Grey Lady we learn that since the Tribune Company took control of the LA Times, half the newsroom positions at the paper have been cut and the paper shut down its Orange County plant. Which is a bit like telling us Obama was elected president. We figured that one out quite some time ago.

LA Observed‘s Kevin Roderick says he was contacted for the piece over a month ago by reporter Jeremy Peters.

I never was quite clear on [Peters] rationale for writing that story now. I think my quip was that it seemed more like a peg for 2008. After reading his piece in Monday’s NYT, I’m still not sure why now.

Couldn’t agree more. News has been quiet on the LAT front since the LATExtra “innovation.” In fact, things seem to be looking up–no more Randy Michaels, all indications are Sam Zell wants nothing more to do with the print business, the paper is profitable. Sorry, Gray Lady, think you blew it on this one.