New York: The UnBeige Review

So half of us have been in New York all week, where we happened to notice a few things…

Best subway ad: Apparently this is something we’ve talked about before, but back when we were, well, a pretty awesome semi-iconoclast who was mentioned twice this evening at dinner; but the Bahamas thing is still going strong, especially on buy-out subway cars where the whole thing is papered in multi-colored logos and clever NY-ish jokes: “Hailing a taxi is good practice for bonefishing” or something like that. What? Anyway, they transported us to a place not served by the F train.

Best event: Fresh Dialogues: Making Magazines, drew about 800 people to one of the most positively-received AIGA NY events ever. People were raving. Order the book.

Best NY non-mistake: We dunno; with lines around the entire square block, the Shake Shack looks pretty good to us. With fries.

Best meals:
Two, we repeat, two Manhattan Mexican (Man-Mex?) restaurants worthy of your presence. We know you might not believe us. Mexicana Mama has lovely ironwork and jalapeno margaritas. Hell’s Kitchen has killer pork shanks and wine-bottle chandeliers.

Best Apple store:
Okay, we didn’t make it, but we guess we could go there now?

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