New York Stalks Celebrities, Pretends Not To Care, Publishes Stalker-Style Map

This week’s New York magazine rehashes, qualifies, then flips the controversy surrounding the Gawker Stalker Google Maps mash-up — try to follow along.

From Adam Sternberg‘s exhaustive “Notes on New York’s Celebrity Infestation“:

But did I say anything to these celebrities? Did I ask for an autograph? Did I stop and gawk and snap a camera-phone picture and squeal that this was the greatest day of my life, at least since last weekend, when I saw Mike D of the Beastie Boys at that place just off Avenue A? Of course not. I live in New York. I don’t care about celebrities.

Then, after rehashing the controversy over Gawker Stalker:

“The shtick of being a New Yorker is that we don’t care about celebrities,” says Jesse Oxfeld, who was co-editor of Gawker at the time of the controversy but has since ­parted ways with the site (and subsequently joined New York). “And this entirely belied that. So it offended me a little bit. Because Gawker is supposed to embody a certain Ur-New Yorkerness, which means not being impressed by celebrities. Or, at least, being impressed but knowing enough not to seem impressed.”

Not to be outdone, the magazine then recreates a Gawker Stalker-style “Star Map,” with celebrity addresses culled from public housing records:

Thanks, New York! We always wondered where Parker Posey‘s stoop was. We’re headed there right now! And, hey, Adrian Grenier — we’re stopping by tonight to live-blog Tabloid Wars! Don’t worry, we’re bringing our own entourage.

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