New York scoops up David Edelstein from Slate

New York magazine EIC Adam Moss has just announced the acquisition of Slate film critic David Edelstein as New York‘s new film critic, replacing Ken Tucker who is returning to old stomping ground Entertainment Weekly. Ken hands the mantle over to David in January. So now we wonder, who will step into the Slate gig? Musical media chairs, whee! Fun game.

From the release, it looks like this move is indicative of a drive by New York is to generate independent online content. Per Moss:

I’m equally excited about David’s ability to put his talents to work on our website, As we re-launch and grow this important piece of the company, David will be a critical player in the expansion of our online cultural authority.

So. Look for a relaunch soon, and perhaps a few blogs, hmmm? The 24-hour news cycle waits for no man, or mag. (Update: Moss told MarketWatch’s Jon Friedman that he was looking to get more personally involved in the website in 2006.)

Edelstein joins fellow Slate alum, New York culture editor Emily Nussbaum, plus probably other people from Slate that I just didn’t know were from Slate. Email and enlighten me. Congratulations, David! Any fan of Harry Potter is a friend of ours.

Oh, in other New York magazine personnel news: associate photo editor Justin O’Neil has accepting the position of photo editor at GQ and will be starting there in January, too. Lots of activity! It’s all part of keeping New York great, people.