New York Press, Take 27

New York Press, former home to irreverent contrarians such as Jeff Koyen, Alexander Zaitchik, and (briefly) me, has a new editor-in-chief. The sputtering alt weekly will retool itself as a more “sober-minded newspaper,” according to an article in the New York Sun, the only paper in the city with the story.

No big shock, considering new EIC Harry Siegel was one of the Sun‘s three original staff members. At 27, Siegel sports a brief, but varied, r&#233sum&#233. He helped research a book on Guiliani written by his father, urban historian Fred Siegel, and has spent the past few years as EIC of New Partisan, an online “journal of politics, culture and the arts,” among other lofty ventures.

Will New York Press go from rag to riche? Wait till August 24, when Siegel’s first issue hits the street.