New York Press Sold

We’ve had our problems with its content, layout and wildly irrelevant “Hype Stalker” column. But if the New York Press is truly breaking even, color us impressed. Manhattan Media announced its purchase of the New York Press today for an undisclosed sum. Previous owners Avalon Equity Partners slashed the newspaper’s pagecount and payroll, but rumors are circulating that the Press is finally breaking even.

Although these days the paper has been steadily losing readers to the reinvigorated Village Voice, the Press has featured an impressive roster of writers since its inception in 1988: Jonathan Ames, Toby Young, Amy Sohn, JT LeRoy/Laura Albert, Matt Taibbi, Ned Vizzini (who expressed fondness for his time at the paper in the mid ’90s), Jim Knipfel, John Strausbaugh, Jeff Koyen, Alexander Cockburn, Taki Theodoracopolous, Christopher Caldwell, Michelangelo Signorile and dozens of others.

Manhattan Media are the folks best known for publishing Our Town, The West Side Spirit and New York Family. Manhattan Media plans to consolidate the staff of New York Press and Our Town.


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