New York Press Club Weighs In on Alec Baldwin Altercation with Daily News Photog

Alec Baldwin is back to giving himself a black eye in the media. As we reported Tuesday, Baldwin allegedly punched a New York Daily News photographer. Not so allegedly, Baldwin tweeted after the scuffle, “a ‘photographer almost hit me in the face with his camera this morning.” He went on the add the hashtag “all paparazzi should be waterboarded.”

Today, the New York Press Club is providing its thoughts on the matter.

“The New York Press Club protests the attack Tuesday by Alec Baldwin on a Daily News photographer.

Baldwin is a public figure. His activities – including in this case, the procurement of a marriage license – are legitimate subjects of media interest.

Baldwin’s subsequent attack today on a reporter for Inside Edition who was trying to ask questions about the previous day’s incident – Baldwin ran his bike over her foot – is deplorable.

Baldwin’s actions should not be tolerated. They should be exposed – and condemned.”

Baldwin attempted to clear the air on Charlie Rose’s PBS show Tuesday night.

On the program to promote his latest film, To Rome With Love, the actor said, “There was a person in front of me, and I was blocking him and he lunged and he almost hit me in the teeth with the lens of the camera. And I pushed him away.”

The Massapequa-native, and uber liberal, Baldwin used the opportunity to rip the media’s portrayal.

“You have your political opposition and they get on the Internet, and within 30 minutes the misrepresentation of the story is out there,” Baldwin said. “You go on Twitter or Fox Nation [and you see], ‘Baldwin punches photographer.’ Not true.”