New York Press Cancels Sex Column, Continues Puritan Kick

0921nypress.jpgFollowing on the heels of the New York Press‘ decision to ban back-of-paper sex ads, the puritanical kick is continuing. Rachel Kramer Bussel reports that NYP sex columnist Stephanie Sellars just got her column discontinued by EICDavid Blum. Here’s an excerpt from the e-mail Sellars sent to Bussel:

David Blum just did to me what he did to you. He informed me this morning that my column will be discontinued. He gave me his reasons, but underneath the explanation that it’s “a matter of taste” and “my flowery language obfuscates the clarity” so that the stories don’t seem true, he seems to be on a crusade against enlightened sex columnists.

As for the “did to me what he did to you” line? Blum was the one responsible for axing Bussel’s column when he was at the Village Voice.

No word on whether a replacement sex columnist will be hired.