RIP: New York Post Copy Editor Rob Walsh

Paper mourns the loss of a "throwback journalist."

NYPostCloakandShagHerThe front-page headline pictured at right is a New York Post classic. Sadly, the man responsible for it, Rob Walsh, died Thursday at age 52 after battling cancer.

From the Post note:

“Rob was a passionate newspaperman,” said chief copy editor Barry Gross. “He knew more about newspaper history — especially New York newspaper history — than anyone I’ve ever known.”

“In fact, although he was raised in Massachusetts and California, he was better versed in the history and architecture of New York City than most New Yorkers, and he was very proud to become one of them. He loved this business and he loved this city.”

“He was a throwback journalist — right down to his fedora — who amused readers with his clever headlines, just as he did his colleagues with his wonderful sense of humor. He shall be deeply missed.”

Walsh had been with the Post since 2000. Arrangements are being made for memorial services on both coasts. RIP.
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