A McDonald’s Horror Story

How do you react when you read the following headline, first published Tuesday afternoon by the New York Post?:


Does it make you never want to eat at a McDonald’s again? Does it make you more fearful of living in New York City? Or does it simply remind that the City That Never Sleeps is also, alas, the City That Never Ceases to Shock?

The good news is that the victim, 53-year-old Andrew Hardy, is OK. He was taken to a nearby Queens hospital, treated and released. After patrons “put down their Egg McMuffins to keep Hardy steady on his feet until medics could arrive.”

Hardy lives “on and off” with his mother. When reached by the Post, the 78-year-old matriarch had this to say:

“I had just come from a funeral — and when I got the call about him, I thought I’d have to go to another!”

The attacker is still at large. The article by Post police bureau chief Jamie Schram was front-page emblazoned and ends with some rather ominous Web tagging:


Update (June 26):
The Post is milking this one for all it’s worth. Given the incident and individual details, it’s entirely justified.