Daily News Highlights Post Reporter’s DWI Arrest

The details are ugly.

Last we checked, the New York Daily News was also a money-losing tabloid. But in a report filed late Thursday by the NYDN tandem of Shayna Jacobs and Graham Rayman, the only such reference made is in connection with the Post, in the article’s lede sentence.

There was reportedly an open bottle of whiskey in Frank Rosario’s car, and after hitting a parked car in Harlem, he fled the scene. Rosario was later located and charged.  A spokesperson for the Post told the News the journalist has been suspended, pending the results of the police investigation. Per the piece, things got a little heated between the competing publications at the courthouse:

Rosario shook his head no when approached for comment after his arraignment in Manhattan criminal court. His attorney Wayne Charles Bodden also declined comment.

His Post colleagues Rebecca Rosenberg and photographer Steven Hirsch then ran interference for their tabloid teammate.

Rosenberg and Rosario tore through the courthouse lobby to a stairwell. Rosenberg slammed the door shut and blocked it with her body. She claimed she had locked the door, which is only one of a handful of public emergency exits in the large building.

Rosario is due back in court Sept. 14. Another strange detail is that the Toyota he was driving had a flat tire at the time.