New York Post Fires Reporter Over Leaks

When Adweek reported that the New York Post was raising its price from 50 cents to 75 cents last week, the news was accompanied by some semi-threatening emails from the paper’s editors asking for better content from the reporters. ‘The editor has already said he will be looking for bylines to see who stepped it up and who didn’t,” one memo said.

These leaks apparently sent the Post‘s editor-in-chief Col Allan “on a rampage” to ferret out the sources, and Adweek is now reporting that Allan has already “fired one of the city’s top police reporters.”

The day after the price increase broke, a handful of reporters were brought into the main office and dressed down by editors about talking to journalists outside the paper, which reportedly happens with greater frequency at the paper.

This is not the first time leaks have caused havoc for the paper. Adweek notes that “several months ago, editors believed that there was a reporter who was feeding stories to the rival New York Daily News, according to sources… The editors went so far as to post dummy stories to the list to see if they were mentioned by other reporters, sources said.”

But dummy stories and editor’s rampages aside, it looks like the leaks keep coming. So brave Post reporters, try to send some inside leaks our way next time around.