A New York Post Editorial About Pizza

The back-and-forth with Detroit is just getting started.

You read the headline right.

Over the weekend, the New York Post Editorial Board decried a certain style of pizza that originated in Detroit and is now being served at a restaurant in Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill neighborhood. The headline deems this imported variation a “new hipster horror:”

Emmy Squared, on Grand Street, serves the rectangular pies – with sauce atop the cheese, and no outer rim of crust.

What a diss to Ray’s Original, Famous Original Ray’s and the city’s other classic slice-venders. Even aficionados of those Chicago quiches – “deep-dish pizza” – must be appalled.

For the record: Real pizza is round and flat, with melted mozzarella atop the sauce.

As you might imagine, the article has provoked a spirited response in Detroit. Per an item put together by Detroit ABC-TV affiliate Channel 7, Twitter shots fired touched on New York rats and more.

But the best reaction comes from website Daily Detroit. They’ve posted an op-ed response to the Post, titled “Dear New York Post: It Is You Who Are the Purveyors of Paltry Pizza.” For the record, it’s the better of the two op-eds:

Detroit pizza is strong. Yours flips, flops and folds, like your oompa-loompa colored, bloviating native son in the presidential race.

In Detroit, we don’t make a distinction of what is “real” pizza. We know New York and Chicago-style pizza exists. We also don’t need to say those are not real pizza because we know ours is clearly the better pie. Much better than the swimming pool of sauce that is the Chicago, and definitely your flat-looking, burnt-edged, flat-tasting round discs.

You chastise your Brooklyn neighbors; we welcome them as many keep moving to our city since you can’t seem to make much of New York City anything but a home for the Bourgeoisie.

As Deadline Detroit’s Allan Lengel notes, the Post pronouncement follows a Wall Street Journal look by Charles Passy at the increasing popularity around New York of non-traditional pizzas. That item was published around June 22.

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