Rating the Answers to the Question: ‘Who Should Buy the New York Observer?’

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Sometimes, the best part of an online article is at the bottom of the scroll. The Hollywood Reporter, for its overview of the recent history of the New York Observer, asked a bunch of famous media folks who they think should buy the publication, which now calls itself simply the Observer. The transcribed replies are appended at the end of the article.

The answer we liked most is Trevor Noah’s:

“The bigger question is, should anyone buy the New York Observer? We’re living in a world now where everything is fake news and everything can so easily be undermined by each side saying that it’s not true according to beliefs. So is there really business for news right now? That’s more of the question I would be asking.”

He’s right, in a sense. The mainly viable business today for traditional metropolitan news outlets is that of big brands like The New York Times and Washington Post. The Observer, now digital-only and (per the screen grab above) observing much that has nothing to do with New York, does not bring with it equally imposing legacy elements.

Meanwhile, the answer that disappointed us the most is Alec Baldwin’s. His reply doesn’t really make sense and misses a great opportunity for the actor to reply that he should buy it:

“People who have a spare moment after reading The New York Times and The New Yorker.”

Say what!? Others who answered the who-should-buy-the-Observer question, as part of THR’s annual New York issue: Jeff Zucker, Dean Baquet, David Remnick, Adam Moss, Ben Smith, Don Lemon, CBS’ David Rhodes, Jesse Angelo, MSNBC’s Phil Griffin and Joe Scarborough. And if New York Post publisher and CEO Angelo’s candidate could rustle up the necessary money, we’d read the resulting publication for sure.

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