New York Media Twitters the Election Line-Ups

2008_11_vote06.jpgVia FBNY’s twitter feed: here’s what the voting lines looked like, in 140 characters or less, to a number of NYC media types. If you’re curious for what the view looks like nation-wide check out Twitter’s VoteReport.

natives: liking a long line for the first time

Choire: East Village is madness! I haven’t seen a line at my polling place in the 15 years I’ve voted here. about 2 hours ago from txt

anildash: More than 100 people in line down 12th street, even more inside the polling station, and *everybody* is smiling and in a good mood. 29 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

megancarpentier: That was anticlimactic. No line, no problem with the touch screens and showed my voter reg card without being asked for picture ID

Lock: Lower East Side vote: short, ordinary lines. In and out in 10 minutes. MisShapes dj’ing.