High Times Bonghitters Set to Defend NYMSL Title

Last year's champs will take on WNYC, while the other semi-final pits the Wall Street Journal against Forbes.

It seems fitting that Bloomberg errantly went a little high in their recent profile of the Bonghitters, High Times magazine’s championship softball team. The group’s 2015 season record was 11-1 rather than the loftier 19-1 ascribed by the outlet.*

That was still good enough for first place and the top seed in this weekend’s season-ending playoff. High Times will take on WNYC in Central Park Saturday afternoon at 1 p.m. at Heckscher Playground, followed by the other semi-final pitting the Wall Street Journal against Forbes. The final and consolation game will be played immediately thereafter. A couple of things are worth noting:

1) The Journal used to own the Bonghitters. In 2010, 2011 and 2012, the daily paper beat the monthly magazine for the NYSML championship. But last year, it was finally High Times’ turn to raise the trophy. So all eyes tomorrow will be on the possibility of a rematch between the league’s top two rivals.

2) In an interview earlier this year with Creative Loafing, High Times managing editor Jen Bernstein highlighted just how important this softball business is to the publication:

“They asked me [during the job interview] if I could play softball, and it just so happened that growing up in Charlotte, in 1988, I played for Old Providence and I always played softball either in the fall or spring. So, yeah, I played softball. And they loved that because High Times has a softball team called the Bonghitters, and they always need women to play because it’s a league rule that you have to have at least two women. So it wasn’t that I had all of this publishing experience; it was that I could play softball. That’s actually how I got the job.”

Ha ha. Good luck to all four teams!

*Correction (7:00 p.m.):
The NYMSL home page standings list only the league competition matches. Friendly matches against other media team opponents are not included. Per the Commissioner’s comment below, Bloomberg was correct!

Update (September 21):
Congrats to the Wall Street Journal team. They played through to the finals and came from behind to beat WNYC:

WNYC held a lead until there were two outs in the seventh inning. But an infield error allowed the tying run to score, knotting the game at 5-5. Four innings later, in the 11th, WSJ pushed the winning run across on another botched infield play.