The New York GOP’s Bill de Blasio Tweet May Be the Weirdest ’50 Shades’ Reference Yet

What are these people thinking?

Add the New York State Republican Party to the growing list of people who have created strange marketing efforts around Fifty Shades of Grey, the R-rated sexual thriller and blockbuster hit.

The political group tried to join the conversation about the film this afternoon by photoshopping New York mayor Bill de Blasio and Al Sharpton together—apparently, de Blasio is depicted on the right of the tweet image below and Sharpton on the left. 

And it sure turned out kind of, well, weird—and offensive to some viewers.

The Twittersphere reacted quickly to the GOP's account, which has 7,100 followers.

At any rate, the Empire State's Republicans aren't the first marketers to become entangled in Fifty Shades.

For Valentine's Day, Vermont Teddy Bear created a gift for that special someone who might want to snuggle up to a stuffed version of the movie's main character. For just $90, the little bear even comes dressed in a business suit and holds a pair of handcuffs.

Meanwhile, Squiggly Boo is selling infant outfits that say: "9 months ago mommy read 50 Shades of Grey."

And a drive-in theater marketer in Concord, Calif., thought it wise to show SpongeBob 2 on a screen next to Fifty Shades of Grey—so, you know, kids and parents could view a whole lot of eroticism along with their children's cartoon.

Seriously, what were any of these people thinking?