New York Giants’ Victor Cruz Shares His Spotify Playlist with Fans

Super Bowl XLVI is almost here, and while the rest of America stocks up on potato chips and beer, the wide receiver for the New York Giants is gearing up for Sunday’s big game with inspirational music from the popular sharing site Spotify.

Victor Cruz was spotted doing his signature salsa dance for the cameras on Media Day, which happened on Tuesday, January 31 in Indianapolis. His Spotify playlist is shows a little more versatility, with some hip hop from Jay-Z, Kanye West and others.


Check out his picks:

  • “Ambition,” ­ by Wale
  • “Swag Champ,” by Fabolous
  • ­”Stay Schemin,'” by Rick Ross
  • ­”Who Gon’ Stop Me,” by Jay-Z  and Kanye West
  • “Underground Kings,” by Drake
  • ­ “Ballin,” by Young Jeezy

The songs should be streaming from his Facebook timeline, which Cruz has also loaded with pictures from his personal collection, like this one of a young Cruz and his mother at a high school Homecoming game (see above). The football player currently has 61, 969 subscribers on his Facebook page.

Here’s hoping Cruz puts his smart phone down in time for the kickoff.  Although social media updates are probably a job best left for the publicists, the fans seem to enjoy the news, photos and videos about their favorite player in a place where they can talk about him with friends. And the Spotify playlist is very 2012.