Uprooted ‘New York Family’ Editor Gradually Adapting to Londontown

Eighteen years in Canada; eighteen years in New York City. Who knows how long in London?

For the Jewish Chronicle, former New York Family editor Meira Drazin has written an engaging account of her first months living in northwest London. The mother of three, with very mixed feelings, recently moved to the U.K. because of her husband’s exciting, faraway new job.

At various points, the U.K. GPS lady has been Drazin’s enemy and her kids’ reassuring friend. Drazin also makes a good point about how facile and uninformed all those “great adventure” well-wishers on Facebook and elsewhere have proven to be:

I felt like the people who said they were jealous failed to acknowledge the difficulties: the massive production of shifting a family of five across the ocean, finding somewhere to live and setting up a home, getting places for the children in schools, dealing with their emotional adjustment, even grocery shop. We are certainly not the first family to move a great distance, but I resented what I saw as a blindness to the fact that while my husband would go off to work every day, I would be left by myself to—literally—navigate my family’s new life.

The real payoff for mom might occur when her forthcoming novel is published. According the the Chronicle essay footnote, the narrative is “loosely based on a re-imagining of the biblical story of Joseph about a girl who moves to London and discovers what it means to ‘fit in.'” Read Drazin’s essay here.

[Photo via @meiradrazin]