The Robert Redford Seal of Approval

Ha ha, we can imagine how surreal this must have been.

As the 2015 Sundance Film Festival approaches, there’s a bold graphic design look in the offing from NYC’s Mother Design. Per a recent It’s Nice That blog post, the cross-country collaboration has led to some notable mountain-man moments:

“It’s been funny seeing ‘Robert Redford to sign off’ on our work plans in recent months,” Mark Aver, Mother Design New York design director says, revealing the new identity for the 2015 edition of the Sundance Film Festival…

The designs are based around the idea of the eclipse, echoing the parent brand in the perhaps unavoidable reference to the sun, though the idea of the burning circle device will be exclusively used next year. “The eclipse is built from a sun and moon, which immediately brought the Institute logo into the core of the solution,” Aver explains. “We also liked that the eclipse is a visual metaphor for the convergence of filmmakers and audience that happens at Sundance.”

By the way, on the corporate website end, Mother Design has some fun Nav schemes. Samples of work can be displayed, as in our case, by answering the “I Am” choices with A.D.D. or the “I Like” options with Hand Jobs. Keep up the cheeky RR-worthy work!

[H/T: Glenn Warchol/Salt Lake magazine]

[Photo of Redford at April 2014 LA Press Club event: Helga Esteb/]