A Pair of Potent Ledes

On the Web, New York's "hometown newspaper" continues to reach far and wide for clicks.

The sixth and eighth most popular items on the New York Daily News website this morning are a vivid reminder of both the P.T. Barnum aspect of attracting digital readers and proof that in the 24/7 trenches of the money-losing tabloid, journalists are still finding ways to amuse themselves.


Here’s the lede from Jacqueline Cutler’s item “Drink Your Own Urine in Cocktail Form:”

Tired of the same old cocktails? Urine luck.

And… here’s the lede from Joel Landau’s article “Mexican Man Says His 19-Inch Penis Is Too Large for Him to Work, Women Are Afraid of It:”

It takes a big man to admit he has a big problem with his penis.

Cutler’s item is a bit of a ruse, as it is tied to a tongue-in-cheek marketing campaign by a U.K. bathroom products retailer. But Landau’s item, dated Aug. 31, 2015, is the real enchilada, all about a 52-year-old Mexican man named Roberto Esquivel Cabrera.

Landau squeezes in a couple of relevant Brooklyn details and also manages to end it all with a reference to Al Pacino‘s famous Scarface turn. This is actually one of the last things the reporter wrote as a Daily News full-timer.

As far as which outlet quickly followed in early September with the first, “exclusive” online video of Cabrera, that would be TMZ.

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